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Automated Lubrication Systems

In general, automated lubrication systems offer superior features to manual lubrication. The benefits of automated lubrication include less downtime due to bearing failure, reduced man-hours required for the lubrication task, and increased worker safety, as well as reduced lubricant and cleanup costs. All of these positively affect productivity.

There are many variables to consider regarding equipment lubrication. Automation of the lubrication process can start out small and simple, and can be adapted over time to specific needs. Feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to go over your options.

Maintenance of an automated lubrication system varies with each system. However, there are simple rules that apply to all systems such as compatible and clean lubricant, routine checks of fittings and piping, and visual review of reservoirs.


Why Bearings Fail...

In a study conducted by the bearing manufacturer SKF, over 50% of bearing failures are the result of improper lubrication.

  • In-plant audits and inspections - Focus is on finding applications and opportunities to improve operations through reliability-based technologies and services.

  • In-plant product and application seminars - Introduce specific technologies and methods to all team members tasked with improving reliability.

  • In-plant training - Customer location-based training on lubricants, lubrication equipment, methodology, best practices, contaminations, remediation, and storage/environmental .

  • Warranty services - Provide complete warranty on all products and services to ensure the highest quality received and utilized by the customer.

  • In-plan service and support - Provide necessary on-site support to repair, rebuild, and change our products to maintain utilization and reliability.

  • Turn-key Installations - Compliment our reliability technologies with expert installations to ensure optimum functionality and warranty support.

  • Annual service agreements - To provide, on a predetermined basis, a scheduled set of times and intervals for inspecting and reviewing systems, components, inventories, and training needs

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