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Cut Downtime and Extend Your Chain Life

Friction causes heat causing parts to expand. This leads to wear and the production of "wear particles" which turn into tiny cutting tools that cause chatter, vibration, and generates heat.

The result - mechanical failure, expensive equipment replacement, unscheduled downtime, lost production, safety hazards, environmental and cleanup problems and more. An Automatic Chain Lube System is a cost effective way to limit wear and the costly problems it causes.  In fact, proper lubrication can double or even triple the life of your chains.


Airkye carries a full range of chain lubrication systems, in drip, brush, spray and roller configurations, to extend chain life, cut downtime, save electricity, and increase profits. The ORSCO 170 series system is designed as a modular unit, for precision lubrication applications. Its integrated electrical control box provides the right amount of lubricant at the right time. The innovative injector stack design delivers a small metered amount of lubricant on a continual and controlled basis, resulting in significant cost savings by decreasing lubricant consumption, reducing product contamination and eliminating under/over lubrication. It can handle applications requiring large amounts of lubrication. Airkye combines the ORSCO system with customer specified food-grade chain oil. It prevents wear and minimizes deposits with a natural detergency to maintain cleaner chains with fewer operational problems.

Chain Lubrication

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Single-Point Lubricators 

Single-point lubricators are simple in design, but very effective at delivering grease or oil to your bearing lubrication point. By using different springs, users are able to estimate the time it will take to run the unit to empty. The on-demand technology makes it impossible to predict the exact date, but the clear reservoirs make it easy to visually assess the lubricant level at any time. Once the reservoir is filled and the unit is connected to a bearing, the single-point lubricator uses Venturi action to discharge lubricant only when the bearing is in motion. This benefits manufacturers that will have some planned machine downtime, because over-lubrication is eliminated. Because the single-point lubricator only generates 1-5 psi it will not blow bearing seals. Lubricant discharge is immediate when the vacuum is created from the bearing.

  • Get an uninterrupted supply of fresh lubricant directly to your bearings or lubrication points

  • Extend your equipment's life by giving it the right amount of lubrication - great for those hard to reach locations

  • Easy to use, with minimal up-front investment

  • Prevent over and under lubrication -typical of manual lubrication (grease gun) methods

  • Lasts up to 12 months, depending on the model you choose 

  • Choose from electrochemical and electromechanical models, in metal or transparent plastic housing

Manual Lube

There will always be critical points that need to be lubricated in any application that requires maintenance. Manual lubrication is the first step in building an effective preventative and predictive maintenance program. The effectiveness of your manual lubrication program is dependent upon your lubricator and giving your technician the right tools for the job.

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Fluid Handling

All fluid handling applications are different based on shop layouts and customer wants.  A typical solution normally consists of pump, filter, metering valve, fluid regulator, and connecting fluid lines. Pumps range from air-operated double diaphragm to reciprocating piston types and can dispense from a variety of custom sized reservoirs or original material containers. A variety of hand-held metered or stationary non-metered dispensing valves are available. Filters, regulators, and many other accessories can be designed to meet your requirements.

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